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托福口语task2 部分真题解析及范文



摘要: 托福口语task2,主要分成两种情况,第一是考查personalpreference,考生会看到两种有可能发生的行为、情景或观点,要求考生谈论偏爱哪一种行为或情景。第二是给出一个陈述句,考生需要...



托福口语task2,主要分成两种情况,第一是考查personal preference, 考生会看到两种有可能发生的行为、情景或观点,要求考生谈论偏爱哪一种行为或情景。第二是给出一个陈述句,考生需要赞同还是不赞同某观点并详细解释原因。


【科技类】about technology


1.Do you agree or disagree that cell phone usage should be banned in some places? Include details and examples to support your opinion. (05. 12.3; 07.11.11考题, 与07.7.21类似)


Sample answer


I strongly agree with the opinion that cell-phone usage should be banned in some places like concert halls, movie theaters or in some situations like when you are driving in cars or taking a subway, when you are in flight, in classes or meetings.


For one thing, it has become social etiquette(礼节). The cell phone user should know when and where to pick up the cell phone and talk. Though people have personal right to use their phone, the others are not supposed to be involved in(被卷入)the unnecessary disturbance(不必要的打扰).


For another, cell phone usage can harm a person's health. Brain cancer rates in the US have risen since cell phones were introduced, leading some people to wonder if cell phone usage is the reason for the increase.


In recognition of those above, there should be some kind of regulations helping with this problem. This way people will be well aware.



【媒体类】about media


2. Where do you learn more from, media like newspapers, TV , Internet or people like

friends, family and teachers? (05. 12.16; 06. 6.10考题)


Sample answer


I think I learn more from people rather than media. I’ll take my mother as an example.


When life seems hopeless, she is always there to help me every step of the way and she maintains everything will be fine unless I myself give up. I’m encouraged not only by her inspiring(令人鼓舞的) words but also by her action. By taking action, she has never been overwhelmed by pressure, adversity(困境) and even danger.


Also when I feel blue(情绪低落) sometimes, I would turn to my classmates or friends for cheering up and comfort. While, media like TV or Internet can only equip me with(以…武装) knowledge and information, they are incapable of giving me spiritual satisfaction(精神上的满足)


So I learn about life, how to stay strong more from people around me than from the media.


【文化类】about culture


3. Should government give financial support to build museums and theaters? State your opinion and explain why. (05. 12.17; 07. 9.29; 08.2.16考题)


Sample answer


In my point of view, government should provide fund to build museums and theaters because they serve as exhibition centers for people to know about the history and culture of the country.


The range of museums is fantastic—there are museums of ancient history and archaeology(考古学), of natural history and even museums for such things as transport and crime! And because the museums are constantly holding new exhibitions, there is always something different to see.


Theaters offer people a big place to enjoy a variety of operas and plays of different regions. Even the world's best group come occasionally.


Meanwhile, the building of the museums and theaters will enhance the cultural exchange between countries.


They are also one of the contributing factors that promote the national economy. That's why I think it's a good idea for government to help with the building of museums and theaters.


4. Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace

them with modern buildings? (07. 1.14考题)


Sample answer


I think old buildings should be protected and maintained for the following reasons.


First, old buildings carry a place's history, tradition, local custom and even some unique character. They were designed to be preserved as they were in early times. They serve as a mirror to remind modern people of their past that they should be proud of.


Second, most old buildings are tourist attractions which interest visitors from all over the world. If they are damaged, they might go back with regret. In addition, tourism is always a big support to economy.


Therefore, we should try to bring the funding into the budget to do whatever is necessary.


5. Some people prefer to get information through printed materials like books. Other people like to do that via the Internet. which way do you prefer and why? (Which do you prefer, e-reading or traditional reading? )(06. 11.10, 07. 6.30, 07.10. 27考题)


Sample answer


Some people prefer e-reading ‘cause it's fast and convenient. But in my opinion traditional reading is better for three reasons.


First, paper reading doesn't have as much bad effect on our eyes as computer reading.


Second, the printed word gives more comfort, enjoyment or personal touch than electronic text. I like the feeling of turning the page and taking notes on the book. Though computers are changing the reading habits, the long tradition of printed word may yet not be. Most people still read printed books, magazines and newspapers to get their information.


Therefore, I prefer traditional reading to e-reading. .



【生活类】about life


6. Some people prefer to eat out. Others prefer home cooked meals with their family. Which of these types of meal do you prefer? Use specific examples and details for your preference. (06. 1.14考题)


Sample answer


Some people prefer eating out at a restaurant because they can eat a variety of delicious food in restaurants. However, I think that preparing food and eating home would be better for 3 reasons


First, home-cooked meals are always cheaper and cleaner. I don't have to pay a lot for the food in a restaurant or worry about the sanitary standard.


Second, eating home allows for a free choice of food because each person has a private taste.


Third, eating at home is one of the best ways to enhance the relationship inside the family. A table is a good place where family members could talk about their happy day.


To conclude, I prefer eating home to eating out.



【工作类】about job/career


7. Someone focuses on one job throughout his life, others like to change from one job to the other. Which one do you think is better, why? (07.2.10, 07. 12.10考题)(中立)


Sample answer


Most of people choose their jobs according to their own working perceptions(理解), so their expectations for jobs are different. Each viewpoint has its advantages.


For the former one, the constant job can provide people with stability, which will stimulate them to work harder. While for the latter one, people will face more challenges and opportunities when jumping to another job.


However, there are also downsides for the two points. When people have worked for a company for a long time, they may easily lose the innovation(创新), because they are too comfortable to change their current working conditions. Those who often change their jobs have to acquire time for them to adapt to new surroundings, which brings obstacles to a company at the rapid development.


Since these two points of view have both pros and cons, no matter which one people select, the suitable one is the best one.