SSI ļʱ

SSI ļʱ




  V09130 S1,S4; V09131 S3 S4; V09132 S1 S4;V 09133 S1, S3, S4; V09134 S1 S4;

  V09135 S2 S4; V09136 S3,S4; V110108 S1 S2 S4; V110115 S2 S3 S4; V110122 S1 ; V110127 S1

  S4; V110212 S1 S2; V110217 S2, S3; V110219 S2; V110226 S2 S4; V110305 S1 S4; V110312 S2;

  V110402 S3 S4; V110416 S2 S4; V110428 S2; V110430 S2 S4; V110507 S3; V110514 S1;

  V110519 S3 S4; V110528 S2; V110604 S1 S3;V111022 S2, S3, S4; V111029 S3 S4; V111105 S2 S3; V111117 S1 S2

  S4; V111119 S2 S4; V111126 S2 S3; V111203; V111210 S1,S2,S3; V111217; V120915;

  V130615 S1 S2 S3 S4; V130718 S3, S4;

  V08141; V08142; V08143; V08144 S1, S2, S3; V08145; V08146; V08147; V08148; 08101;

  V08102; 08104; 08106 S2,S4; V08108;


  All these areas can be visited by the general publicfor almost all the year...although...please take noteof the large signs at the entrance to each area whichtell...which tell you when certain areas are beingused for particular controlled experiments and aretherefore temporarily out of bounds to the public.

  You can see for yourself what a huge area the parkcovers and a key question is always,how can wemove around?Well you have a choice of means...allenvironmentally are banned in thepark.We have bicycles which you can hire behind theReception healthy ones of you can go on foot and finally there's our electrictram,powered from solar cells.You find more information about this the front entrance.

  A good place to start on your tour is the Rare Breeds section.We keep goats,sheep and hensand other kinds of poultry.We are also thinking of bringing in cows and horses but we donot,as yet,have facilities for these bigger animals.The animals are fed in public twice a day and ashort lecture given on their feeding habits and nutritional needs.These are very popular withthe public but of course we mustn't lose sight of the main purpose of having this section,not assuch to preserve rare animals but to maintain the diversity of breeds to broaden the genepool for agricultural development.Green Vale changes with the seasons with different eventshappening at different times of the year.May will be perhaps our most spectacular month withthe arrival of the Canada geese and when our fruit trees will be in full blossom,but there areinteresting events on all year round...for example John Havers,our expert fly fisherman,iscurrently giving displays on the lake.Each of the sections has its own seasonalcalendar...please consult the summary board at the main entrance.And the final section,as wereturn to the Reception blocks,is the orchard.

  Do take time to browse round our shop...there is a wide selection of books on wildlife,some ofthem written by local authors,and the history of farming,including organic farming,somethingwhich the park will be diversifying into in the coming months.


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