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雅思口语话题APP 解析







  1. Do you like to look for new apps or just keep using the old ones?


  A. Look for new ones ;

  B. use the old ones ;

  C. keeping the old ones while looking for new ones


  A 如果是喜欢找新的app,那么原因有如下:

  1. 旧的app用过了,失去新鲜感don’t feel excited using old apps. 例如如果游戏APP的话里面的环节都清楚了you are familiar with what’s going on in it / know the contents清楚内容,而每个月都有很多新的app,a large number of new applications,可以有很多新鲜好玩的download them for fun,空闲的时候有更多的APP来打发时间kill time;

  2. 新的APP有时候是旧app的更新it could be a new version of old apps / an upgraded version,所以内容可能更丰富,用起来界面可能更友好more user-friendly,更多特色add more features;

  3. 搜索新的应用可以拿来跟旧的做比较,compare with the old Apps,从而知道最适合自己的或者最好用的版本find the best app or get the one that suits me well,方便自己的使用。


  1. 旧的APP大部分都免费free of charge/ can be downloaded for free / don’t need to pay for them,而新的APP很多都需要收费most of new apps will charge / have to pay for them,所以不愿意下载新的;

  2.手机内存小small storage,所以没有空间再下载新的APP,there is no extra space for new applications,而且很多新的应用都很大,占用内存多occupy a lot of space;习惯了用老的get used to the old ones,所以不愿意删掉don’t want to get rid of them / remove them。


  I am that kind of person who don’t like looking for new applications. It is not only because I get used to the old ones on my phone. It is also inconvenient to download new ones since the storage of my phone is quite small. I don’t have enough space for them. Besides, most of new applications would charge a small amount of fee if you want to download. So I prefer the old free ones.

  2. Do you use free apps or the ones that you need to pay for?



  1. 收费的APP没有广告,there would not be any advertisements/commercials popping out when you are using it,用pop out 表达突然跳出来,而免费的应用可能随时都有烦人的广告跳出来很烦it’s annoying,但是又必须要忍受Have to bear with it;

  2. 收费的APP往往功能更多come with more functions,画面更好看better graphics/images,音乐更好听better music等等;收费的软件也更加安全robust application security,能保证自己的信息不泄露there is guarantee that my personal date will be safe from being hacked。


  可能是因为不喜欢花钱购买程序don’t want to pay for applications,是个人的喜好personal preference,而且总能找到免费的作为收费软件的替代品you could always find alternative for those apps that charge money;而且,可以是因为用免费的软件更有灵活度,万一不喜欢可以随时删掉不心疼钱can stay flexible, when I need to delete it I just do it等等。


  I prefer to use free applications because I would like to stay flexible. When I want to delete it to release some space in my phone or I simply don’t need them, I could just do it without worrying about the money I spend on it.

  3. What are the drawbacks of having too many apps on phone?


  1. APP装太多,可能导致内存空间不足there’s no enough space / not sufficient storage,没有空间存照片视频等其他内容may not save photos, videos or other contents;

  2. 装太多APP会导致手机运行速度变慢slow down the phone / it takes much time to operate / it takes ages to open an app打开APP的时间会很长,而且容易死机the phone may die easily if you try to open apps;

  3. APP太多不好分类,等到要使用的时候可能找不到,因为太乱了too messy,may not find the one you want to use quickly,may get lost in those app logos被APP的标志搞晕,再加上很多APP的标志很相似look similar尤其是颜色have the same color / have identical color,所以很容易认不出来想用的那个may not recognize the app you need;

  4. 还可以从浪费时间这个方向来答,因为APP很多都是和娱乐entertainment /leisure有关的,有很多也是游戏,所以下载太多可能会是个让人分心的事it is a distraction / they may distract people from working or studying,下载太多之后总是去玩,导致浪费时间it’s a waste of time / spend too much time on using apps,而且有些APP还会收费charge,下载太多也会花很多钱spend extra money。


  First of all, it is possible to spend too much time on using applications if people download too many. A lot of apps are games actually, which means that people may waste more time playing rather than working or studying. Besides, this can also slow down the phone, making phone easier to crash. Apart from that, having too many app logos on the phone can make it really hard to find the one you want to use. You could get lost in those logos in similar colors and shapes. So I don’t think it’s useful to have too many on the phone.

  如果这道题希望能继续发散思路,则可以在讲完缺点之后给出合理建议,即怎么样避免以上情况,例如定期清理那些没用的APP,get rid of / remove /delete old apps regularly or don’t keep the old ones,或者给自己的app分类整理categorize,防止桌面过乱。

  4. How much time do you spend on these apps?


  例如2 hours a day / 3 hours per day,per代表每,还可以用no longer than…/ at least至少/ at most最多 / between… and…等短语表达大致时间段,例如I use those apps at least 1 hour per day我每天至少用一个小时;或者这道题可以回答频率frequency,例如once a day / twice a week / over five times a week。

  除了给出时间之外,可以继续把思路扩充到具体最喜欢哪个APP,即介绍my favorite one is…/ the one I use the most is…

  例如my favorite app is Wechat. I spend over half of time checking messages on Wechat;除此之外还可以给出原因,即为什么花这么多时间用或者为什么花这么少时间用,例如多余的时间比较多所以喜欢玩APP来打发时间I’ve got a lot of spare time, so I usually use apps to kill time,或者平时比较忙busy / time is occupied / don’t have a lot of free time,所以玩的时间很少。


  I use my apps once or twice a day. Each time I probably spend 20 or 30 minutes on them. This is because I am busy with my work every day and don’t have enough time to play with those apps. I could only use them for fun during lunchtime or dinnertime. That’s why I don’t spend too much time on them.

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