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  1. 在新GRE考试中,每个Verbal Section有10道填空题,所以一场考试我们会遇到的填空题目是20个(数学加试)-30个(语文加试)。一般建议每个Section填空部分的做题时间是10min-12min。

  2. 在《新GRE官方指南》(OG)中,填空题目分为Text Completion和Sentence Equivalence两大类题型。其中Text Completion包括单空题、双空题、三空题,而Sentence Equivalence也就是我们俗称的“6选2”,但一般我们将这四类题型合并,统称GRE填空。

  3. 只有当你的答案和标准答案完全一致才得分,这意味着三空题只错一个空和三空全错的结果都是不得分。

  4. 正常而言,每场考试,所有考生遇到的第一个Verbal Section的题目和分布是一致的,填空题型的分布是2、3、1、4,即2个单空、3个两空、1个三空、4个6选2,不要觉得三空题太少就掉以轻心,这个Section有长阅读。填空题是自适应考试,ETS会根据考生在前一个语文section的综合表现,去安排单空,双空还有三空题目在后续的section中数量。

  5. 无论难度如何,只要是计算机考试,每个Section的6选2一定有且仅有4个。区分6选2和单空题最好的方式在于出现的位置——在阅读之后出现的填空题一定是6选2。

  6. 填空题以单词和句子为考察点,除了过硬的单词记忆之外,考生还需要重点突破句内和句间关系,而句内关系是填空的重点。

  7. GRE填空方法论:GRE 填空考察的主要是单词和逻辑两方面能力。1.确定与空格相关的逻辑关系 2.确定与空格相关的语义。

  8. 填空题目一方面来自ETS自己编写,一方面来自The New York Times,The New Yorker,Science, Nature等外国报纸、杂志、期刊的节选改编,这些题目的来源,我们称之为 “题源”,我们会对题源进行分析。



  1-3 The (i)_____ of molecular oxygen on Earth-sized planets around other stars in the universe would not be (ii)_____ sign of life: molecular oxygen can be a signature of photosynthesis (a biotic process) or merely of the rapid escape of water from the upper reaches of a planetary atmosphere (an abiotic process).

  A. dearth

  B. presumption

  C. detection

  D. a controversial

  E. an unambiguous

  F. a possible

  47-1 The science community’s perennial lament over inadequate budgets has come to seem increasing _____, because government support for science and engineering has never been greater.

  A. vital

  B. hopeless

  C. poignant

  D. condescending

  E. disingenuous

  20-1 Unlike some mammals—cows and sheep, for instance—that are notably _____, lions have a wide range of facial expressions.

  A. tractable

  B. impassive

  C. solitary

  D. social

  E. sluggish

  27-2 By pointing out the self-serving nature of the governor’s motives for supporting the new health care policy, the columnist implied that the governor’s idealistic-sounding explanation of her position on the issue was almost certainty _____.

  A. impractical

  B. derivative

  C. simplistic

  D. disingenuous

  E. ineffectual

  53-3 Knowing how (i)_____ she was at work, her colleagues were surprised at her (ii)_____ throughout the dinner.

  A. dependable

  B. diffident

  C. diligent

  D. timidity

  E. assertiveness

  F. punctiliousness

  31-5 Inuit print making is less (i)_____ than carving in that it does not have substantial historical precedents, although there are (ii)_____ incised carvings on bone or antler, facial tattoo marks or inlay skin work on clothing, mitts and footwear. Carving materials such as stone, bone, antler, wood, and ivory were (iii)_____, but paper and drawing tools were unknown until introduced by early explorers and missionaries.

  A. traditional

  B. prestigious

  C. anomalous

  D. affinities with

  E. objections to

  F. regulations about

  G. available locally

  H. rarely used

  I. virtually interchangeable

  5-4 He was never (i)_____; he was nothing if not (ii)_____, so he forbore for the present to declare his passion.

  A. chivalrous

  B. impetuous

  C. thoughtful

  D. boorish

  E. circumspect

  F. spontaneous

  6-3 One way to predict the effects of global climate change on an ecosystem is to extrapolate current trend in global change factors into the future. A (i)_____ of this method is that its predictions (ii)_____ actual observation, but the method also makes the questionable assumption that the future will resemble the present.

  A. virtue

  B. drawback

  C. peculiarity

  D. dispense with

  E. derive from

  F. improve upon

  32-6 Those who took Clark’s old-mannered compliance for obsequiousness (i)_____ him: his apparent (ii)_____ veiled a fervent (iii)_____ of the authority that others exercised over him, one that he occasionally expressed by discreetly sabotaging their most important projects.

  A. misconstrued

  B. condemned

  C. respected

  D. cynicism

  E. acquiescence

  F. intractability

  G. veneration

  H. justification

  I. detestation

  42-9 Some experts estimate that the recreational salmon fishery in British Columbia contributes more to the province’s economy than the commercial salmon fishery does—a surprising statistic given the political commercial _____ of the fishery in the province.

  A. naïveté

  B. prominence

  C. supremacy

  D. ingenuousness

  E. salience

  F. resurgence

  51-9 Each of the country’s 26 sates and most of its more than 2,000 municipalities have their own police forces, _____ communication and making it difficult to establish a coordinated law-enforcement strategy.

  A. establishing

  B. impeding

  C. hampering

  D. launching

  E. obscuring

  F. preventing

  103-9 Berwick, middle-aged, soft-spoken, and _____, with a keen sense of how to use this apparent ordinariness to his advantage, began with a gripping story about how a firefighter saved himself during a forest fire by using a completely improbable tactic.

  A. imperturbable

  B. implacable

  C. unimaginative

  D. unprepossessing

  E. unremarkable

  F. unruffled

  10-6 Galaxy Zoo set a standard for citizen-scientist participation project. Zealous volunteers (i)_____ the project’s organizers by classifying an entire catalog of galaxies years ahead of schedule. (ii)_____ by the (iii)_____ of the volunteers, Galaxy Zoo team was inspired to pursue lines of research they had never even imagined.

  A. beguiled

  B. forestalled

  C. astonished

  D. baffled

  E. buoyed

  F. embarrassed

  G. insouciance

  H. stoicism

  I. alacrity

  11-1 The title of her final and unfinished film, Escape, was _____: indeed while shooting it, she was preoccupied with thoughts of desertion.

  A. quixotic

  B. apt

  C. misleading

  D. inconsequential

  E. uncharacteristic

  111-6 There is no sense trying to rehabilitate the reputation of the mosquito; nobody loves such a creature. But it’s (i)______ to (ii)______ all 2,600 described species of mosquito when it’s just 80 or so—3 percent that drink human blood. Among those 2,520 relatively (iii)______ kinds of mosquitoes, there’s even one we’d like to see in greater numbers: Taxorhynchites, the mosquito that eats other mosquitoes.

  A. rare

  B. necessary

  C. unfair

  D. malign

  E. represent

  F. commend

  G. blameless

  H. pernicious

  I. valuable

  66-5 Communal feeding is a remarkable behavioral aspect of this generally solitary animal. It is also a misunderstood behavior and one of the reasons is that Tasmanian devils have a bad reputation. Far from being a (i)____, communal devil feeding is (ii)_____ and purposeful, and is described as (iii)_____ behavior. The screaming and apparent fighting is an elaborate combination and variety of vocalizations and postures by which order is maintained.

  A. free-for-all

  B. rarity

  C. necessity

  D. structured

  E. vicious

  F. infrequent

  G. innate

  H. acquired

  I. ritualized

  69-2 In the nineteenth century, geology became so respected among middle-class Britons that the science came to be seen as _____, a yardstick by which other disciplines measured their scientific rigor and imaginative power.

  A. accessible

  B. derivative

  C. pragmatic

  D. empirical

  E. paradigmatic

  73-10 There are great _____ in countries’ greenhouse gas emissions, especially in per capita terms: while the United States and China are similar in aggregate emissions, United States per capita emissions are a huge multiple of China’s.

  A. distortions

  B. disparities

  C. fluctuations

  D. advances

  E. variances

  F. vacillations


  填空的题目其实就是在完整的信息里面挖出几个空,需要考生根据已知的信息,将空格未知的信息在选项里面挑选出合适的选项进行填空。如果在申请的时候,verbal reasoning部分只需要取得一个155分左右的分数的话,更多的同学应该把精力投入到单词背诵以及读懂句子这样的基本功的训练里面。因为在文字推理部分填空也会占半壁江山。其中有一种题型它的题目数量是一定的,就是sentence equivalence这种6选2的题目,在10个填空的题目里面固定会有4道同义句填空(句子等价题)。ETS会根据考生在前一个语文section的综合表现,去安排单空,双空还有三空题目在后续的section中数量。根据它的出题的一些角度,我们应该如何把这些题目在考场上从容地给它做出来呢?